What is aw-eck ?

Aw-eck is a team of highly-specialized professionals led by a central interlocutor, who understands, apprehends and manages every competency in building engineering. An aw-eck project is the needs of a building, united in one answer, from its conception to its management. A unique organization and working method that guarantees fast, relevant and efficient decision-making. The full BIM offers an immersion vision of projects, for a targeted, precise response, the consequences of which are evaluated immediately : guaranteed savings in time and money. Our protocol is based on cross-functional skills : project management, BIM management, project economics, structural engineering, fluid engineering, urban engineering, construction management – Scheduling, Piloting And Coordination (OPC). A fluidity that ensures good project cohesion, agreement and understanding between each stakeholder involved for an optimal result in time, quality and cost. Aw-eck provides you with international support and its various anchor points : Paris-Lyon-Rabat-Budapest.

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Complementary skills
  • Structural engineering
  • Project management
  • Project economics
  • BIM
  • Fluid engineering
  • Urban engineering
  • Construction management and Scheduling, Piloting and coordination (OPC)

Complementarity of our skills serving your project needs

Our last realisations

Image du projet en vue aérienne, de nuit, du campus universitaire Mohamed VI à Laâyoune au Maroc

Mohamed VI University Campus

  • Ekium and Cherifian Phosphates Office (OCP)
  • Anthony Béchu Architecture agency
  • 21 Ha
  • 52 000 000 €
  • En cours
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Photo latérale du dôme de simulateurs de vols du complexe Air-parc Air Campus - aéroport de Lyon Saint Exupéry

« Triangle Sud » - Air Parc -Air Campus - Saint-Exupéry Airport

  • Duval Financial Group
  • 26 000 000 €
  • In progress
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Photo de l'horloge de la façade du bâtiment historique dans le cadre du du projet de réhabilitation de l'institut Pasteur à Paris

Institut Pasteur

  • Institut Pasteur
  • AFE Architecture
  • 5 200 m2
  • 5 200 000 €
  • En cours
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The Terrasses de la Presqu’île

  • Métropole de Lyon
  • Wilmotte & Associés Agency / Landscaper : Neveux & Rouyer
  • 27 000 m2
  • 10 000 000€
  • In progress
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Plan d'étage, extrait de la maquette numérique BIM du projet de la Villa Beausoleill, résidence seniors haut de gamme à Chatillon

Villa Beausoleil

  • Steva
  • Gustin Architecture
  • 4 000 m2
  • 12 500 000 €
  • En cours
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