The core of aw-eck’s expertise is made up of five companies. Each of them masters essential of All-trades Engineering (TCE) skills : Structural Engineering / Project Management / Project Economics / BIM / Urban Engineering / Fluid Engineering / Works Management – Scheduling, Piloting and Coordination (OPC).

Our strength ? To integrate BIM into engineering. Exo-bim is really a master in BIM technology. Aw-eck includes it in a protocol that puts a pilot at the top of your project as to conduct the orchestra. The digital transition in construction is necessary today and aw-eck accompanies you in this process.

Your project has a pilot, a high level specialist, who understands each trade and manages project teams from design to delivery.

The aw-eck protocol :

Aw-eck companies

Cetis is a structural engineering design office, created in 2002.

The company has developed over the years and is specializing in complex and earthquake-resistant structures.

This expertise is widely recognised throughout France and exported internationally since 2012 via its Paris agency.

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image du logo de cetis, bureau d'étude en ingénierie de la structure, pour le groupe Aw-eck, le nouveau concept d'ingénierie TCE
image du logo de la société korell, économie de projet pour le groupe Aw-eck, le nouveau concept d'ingénierie TCE

Korell is working on the premise that the construction economist is a generalist in the building industry who has to be able to control perfectly the overall cost of projects.

With over twenty years of experience in project steering, economic expertise and assistance to the contracting authority, urban engineering and works execution management, Korell has become a recognized company.

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Eïkos is a fluid design office that operates in all phases of the project, from conception to implementation.

It performs regulatory calculations (RT) and dynamic thermal simulations (STD). Eïkos’ areas of expertise are as following : heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing and electricity.

It has a specialized network of partners for its achievements.

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Image du logo de eïkos, bureau d'étude fluide pour le groupe Aw-eck, le nouveau concept d'ingénierie TCE
Image du logo de exo-bim, agence BIM pour le groupe Aw-eck, le nouveau concept d'ingénierie TCE

BIM technology helps to create and manage building data through entire life cycle.

This technology provides an optimized method of organization and a central 3D model, visual expression of project’ informative data.

The efficiancy of using BIM will promiss to save time and money. Exo-bim follows this method within Aw-eck.

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Cetis project management pilots projects in the design phase and construction sites in the implementation phase.

Cetis-mp also provides an expertise in works management and in scheduling, piloting and coordination (OPC), wich ensures the technical quality and sound financial management of operations.

It guarantees the coherence and fluidity of a project.

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Image du logo de cetis-mp, management de projet pour le groupe Aw-eck, le nouveau concept d'ingénierie TCE