Aw-eck Morocco

The companies of the aw-eck group have developed several projects on the African continent. Algeria, Morocco, Kenya, Mauritania and Togo are countries where we have already worked on cultural, industrial, health, equipment and education projects.

These experiences have enabled us to export our know-how.

In return, we have developed the right design and implementation skills by working closely with local partners.

We wished to go one step further and to place our export progress as one of our priorities.

Inspired by these successful projects, we created aw-eck Morocco at the end of 2017.

The choice of Morocco was obvious because of its central position in the development of the African continent. From our agency in Rabat, we operate throughout Morocco, as well as throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Together with our local partners we combine our expertise and 2.0 engineering visions to carry out these projects to the highest level of performance.

Aw-eck Hungary

The aw-eck group has been operating in Budapest since the end of 2015 through the company Exo-bim.

This decision allowed us to learn and to understand Bim technology in a specialized local environment and on a very advanced territory on the subject.

All our teams have benefited from this expertise and now we can claim full control of the Bim. Indeed, this technology allows us to take charge of the assistance to the Contracting Authority : drafting specifications and protocols. The development of the digital model and interactive site monitoring comes next. Exo-bim follows the project up to the delivery of the electronic as-built records (DOE). It then provides the databases for the maintenance and operation of the building. These deliverables are obviously adapted to each project.

From 2018, we plan to strengthen our teams in Budapest in order to keep our position on the Eastern European and Asian markets.

The aw-eck international development is organized from our Parisian agency. Our everyday goal is to see aw-eck as an international company.

Moreover, we are currently considering the development in Central and South America.

aw-eck Rabat

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aw-eck Budapest

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