” Passionate professionals, with over 15 years of expertise and driven by a permanent desire of renewal and progress, we are pleased to present Aw-eck.


Our vision of building engineering has led us to create a new model, presenting a solid base of skills, which has been recognized in all fields by a high level specialists.

Aw-eck’s approach follows three modern engineering practices :

– The perfect knowledge of technical and financial issues ;

– The management of technical and economic research by a dedicated account manager who is in permanent contact with all project participants. Aw-ecks managers will closely follow the project from it’s conception to implementation. They keep all parties engaged for a global optimization and provide periodic reporting in accordance with project’s costs and deadlines.

– Mastery of innovative technologies and BIM propels us into a new era. The collaborative work around the 3D digital mock-up allows us to accompany our customers towards the digital transition by guaranteeing the highest level of synthesis.

Aw-eck is the piloted engineering primarily serving building owners, architects and companies. 


Join us in a new dimension. “


Franck Dessemon                    Yannick Lewi

Piloting, the essence of an Aw-eck project

Tomorrow’s all-trades engineering is above all, a question of piloting.

The client and the architect have a privileged relationship with the pilot. He is the conductor who can both hear and understand everyone’s needs and constraints : a project facilitator.

Thanks to the Aw-eck pilot, information is fluid and decisions are quick.

Your project is managed by a team of high-level specialists led by a key contact who knows the general environment and can take it from conception to delivery. Indeed, aw-eck consists of five companies specialized in construction engineering and united under a single protocol for maximum efficiency.

Since the current work patterns are obsolete, we have better to offer you today :

  • – A common methodology ;
  • – Complementarity of the skills surrounding the building ;
  • – The transversality of information and knowledge;
  • – The BIM method known and mastered, accessible and without changing your working methods;
  • – The guarantee of the project’s feasibility and constructability.

This organization guarantees you a collaborative and efficient team.

Les sociétés du groupe aw-eck sont fortes de la complémentarité de leurs expertises

Full BIM at a controlled price

Aw-eck’s second lever : mastered BIM technology. BIM is an integral part of our complete mission proposal, BIM is integrated.

We don’t just do BIM by chance, technology is part of the way we work. That’s why we offer you our expertise in full BIM at the classic engineering price.

This is also why we put a pilot on your project, who masters all construction languages, including BIM.


BIM is a complex technology, which is as powerful as it is disconcerting. It is obligatory in certain projects, necessary to others, on the way to becoming unavoidable in the construction process.

Today, it is essential to grasp the meaning of this tool : BIM is a project facilitator and a time and money saver in fine.

Considering that it is a profession in its own right, we put on your project BIM specialists as well as a pilot who knows how it works in order to adapt the technique to your needs. We are using wisely the power of this tool to bring construction engineering to the next level.

Aw-eck, it’s already tomorrow.