• Ekium and Cherifian Phosphates Office (OCP)
  • Anthony Béchu Architecture agency
  • 21 Ha
  • 52 000 000 €
  • En cours

Forum El Oued-Laâyoune plans to host the Mohamed VI university campus Polytechnic, a showcase of greenery and high technology. The activity of this university centre will be focused on research, innovation and training in the fields of science and technology related to arid and Saharan zones. It will also include an education and R&D centre devoted to economic and environmental issues relating to these areas.

This ambitious project is a model for the development and opening up of southern Moroccan provinces. In addition to the teaching and research centre and innovative public facilities, it will have 600 student housing units, a residential area for teachers and researchers, a university restaurant, a library, a conference and a sports centre.

aw-eck: Roads and miscellaneous networks engineering (VRD) – Preliminary studies