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Exo-bim represents the BIM technology within aw-eck. It is the link that enables aw-eck to embody tomorrow’s all-trades engineering concept (TCE) from today. In fact, Exo-bim is the lead of the digital transition to construction engineering that will be required tomorrow.

Mastery of technology and BIM management are part of exo-bim’s skills.

One of aw-eck’s major strengths is to offer complete integrated BIM missions at a controlled price, i.e. without additional cost for the client. We don’t just do BIM by chance, technology is part of the way we work. That’s why we offer you our expertise in full BIM at the classic engineering price.

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What is BIM, really?

BIM allows to create and to manage building data throughout ist entire life cycle.

From design and maintenance management to ist destruction. This technology does not change the mission assigned to the teams. It brings a different method of organization. BIM is designing a new economic model that will impact the whole construction and building productivity chain.

This file is not a simple juxtaposition of objects put into space, it also describes the relationship between each of these objects and their properties (wall junctions, types of wall openings or penetrations, thermal bridge breaks, etc.): structured and intelligent data.

A vision in immersion as close as possible to the final rendering.

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How does a BIM project work ?

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First, the digital model requires the construction of information bases. This information allows thus the creation of a core model that supports the entire project. 3D modeling is ultimately data vizualization.

The benefits of a BIM project are multiple, and each stakeholder takes advantage of it.

There is no equal for this technology wich ensures timeliness and budget optimization.