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Cetis is a structural engineering design office, created in 2002 by Yannick Lewi. The company has developed over the years to specialize in complex and earthquake-resistant structures.

In 2016, Cetis decided to create Cetis-mp and Exo-bim, with a view to providing a global offer in BIM design and project management. Cetis operates internationally from its Paris agency.

Cetis Paris-International

The Paris-International business unit (BU) consists exclusively of structural design engineers. First, Cetis Paris was exclusively focused on public procurement projects.

Cetis Paris-International is renowned for its great expertise in the renovation of existing buildings. It was able to stand out during complex rehabilitation projects of Haussmannian buildings. The company is now planning to develop its expertises. For the past three years, it has been focused on private markets and created new partnerships with architectural firms.

Cetis Paris-International is therefore the unit in charge of export projects (Mayotte college, French Embassy in Kenya, STEP Dakar competition, etc.).

Cetis Rhône-Ain

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The Rhône-Ain BU is located in Neyron. It is involved in structural engineering during the design phase, from the sketch to assistance with the procurement of work contracts (ACT).

It also ensures the missions of VISA (visa for execution plans) and work execution management (DET) in the realisation phase.

The BU prepares all the necessary documents for consulting companies (formwork plans, general hypothesis notes, ratio book, seismic notes, etc.).

Finally, this unit’s mission is to support general contractors in their design-implementation projects.

Cetis Dauphiné-Savoie

The business unit Dauphiné-Savoie is located in Chavanod (west of Annecy) and Salaise-sur-Sanne (south of Lyon) and is specialized in structural engineering. During the design phase, it works on all types of buildings.

During the implementation phase, it focuses on rehabilitation projects with high technical added value and large-scale industrial buildings.

The challenge of this BU lies in the development of the activity in the departments of Savoie and Haute-Savoie.

Cetis - EXE

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The work execution and structural design missions are at the origin of the creation of Cetis.

The BU EXE shows all its expertise on complex and ambitious projects and is a privileged partner for companies in the implementation phase.

The quality of the produced documents (plans and calculations) as well as the respect of planning commitments are the two pillars of the EXE BU.

In this way its competence secures the company, the architect and the client.