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Eikos is a technical design office specialized in fluid engineering.

During the design phase, eïkos gathers requirements from the client and the architect, looking for the most optimized solutions for the project, both in terms of execution and compliance within the budget.

Having a fluids technical consultancy office (BET) in-house allows to aw-eck to keep pace with the reality of the construction site during the execution phase. Dimensioning, calculations, construction drawings : eikos part of aw-eck allows the dimensioning of fluid networks in a global environment, with the notion of aw-eck global synthesis.

Photos de tuyaux sur un chantier, en prévision de l'apport des fluides, compétence de eïkos, le bureau d'étude fluide de Aw-eck.

A fluids technical consultancy office (BET), just as the structure is decisive for a project. Planned as far in advance as possible, it sets the tone.

Indeed, the dimensioning guides the design, wich is the key element in starting the project.

Therefore Eïkos is involved from the initial draft to the final conception. This field of expertise forms the three pillars of the engineer’s core competence :

  • – Project economics ;
  • – Fluids ;
  • – Structure.

If any of these skills are missing, there is no engineering possible.

Le schéma des compétences de l'ingénieur en bâtiment dans lequel s'inscrit eïkos, le bet fluides de Aw-eck

Expertise fields of a fluids technical consultancy office (BET)

Eïkos is involved in the design of dry and wet networks composing a building :

Photo de tuyaux fluides sur le toit d'un immeuble pour la société eïkos, bet fluide de Aw-eck
  • – Heating – Ventilation – Air conditioning (HVAC) ;
  • – Plumbing ;
  • – High and low current electricity (socket / computer cabling) ;
  • – Medical fluids : all the special fluids necessary for medical building – oxygen – vacuum – sanitary air ;
  • – Fire safety.

Fluids technical consultancy office (BET) and environment

The environmental dimension in construction is now becoming an increasingly significant and legitimate concern.

Eïkos obviously includes this data in its proposals and integrates innovative concepts in projects for which it operates as a fluid design office :

  • – Rainwater harvesting to supply sanitary networks ;
  • – Greywater management for heat networks;
  • – Mastery of geothermal energy ;
  • – Passive house concept.

By recycling waste water, the proposed system recovers calories to supply the building’s heating networks. A necessary key principle, a precursor of renewable energy.

Construction et environnement, l'une des compétences de eïkos, le bet fluide de Aw-eck