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Korell is working on the premise that the construction economist is a generalist in the building industry who has to be able to control perfectly the overall cost of projects. Franck Dessemon, founder of Korell, has developed his company’s skills with this holistic vision of the built project.

With over twenty years of experience in project steering, economic expertise and assistance to the contracting authority, urban engineering and works execution management, Korell has become a recognized company.

Korell always had access to projects thanks to his budget control, but starting from his first day he was also pushed by the quality of the work and the respect of deadlines.

Image illustrant l'une des sociétés du groupe Aw-eck : Korell, économie de projet, direction de travaux, OPC, génie urbain

Korell – Project Economics

The construction economy mobilizes diverse and in-depth skills in the mastery of technologies and regulations governing construction.

Directly or within multidisciplinary teams, the Construction Economics BU, as a construction generalist, ensures the life cycle of a project, from its feasibility to its perfect completion. Before starting the project, the economist guarantees the perfect match, in terms of costs, deadlines and quality, and offers a precise and relevant estimate by considering the needs of the client and architectural and technical proposals.

He then prescribes all these solutions and drafts the consultation documents and the construction contracts. These audits may also concern programming studies and, finally, economic expertise of projects.

Image illustrant l'une des compétences de Korell, société du groupe aw-eck, en économie de projet

Korell - Construction management

Image illustrant l'une des compétences de Korell, société du groupe aw-eck, en direction des travaux

The Korell construction management BU is aware of the importance of mastering projects for clients and of experience feedback. It thus ensures the following missions :

  • – Works execution management (DET) ;
  • – Scheduling, piloting and coordination of works (OPC);
  • – Management of the works (MOE EXE).

This unit is responsible for the files starting from the project phase. It participates in the establishment of works contracts and manages the construction sites until their administrative, technical and financial closure.

Korell Urban Engineering

The BU Urban Engineering and Highways and miscellaneous external works (VRD) deals with technical equipment. These include civil engineering works, external networks and roads. This responsibility also includes rainwater management. This unit is involved in two types of projects:

  • Urban development (projects for urban renewal, redevelopment and renovation of city centres, public squares and public spaces…)
  • Construction projects : within the context of works execution management as defined in Aw-eck.
Image illustrant l'une des compétences de Korell, société du groupe aw-eck, en génie urbain

Korell – Urban engineering intervenes during the entire construction process. Indeed, it prepares and drafts the preliminary studies. It is also in charge of the hydrological notice for the building permit, as well as the technical and graphic documents for the project. Finally, it ensures the follow-up of the building site until the delivery of the works.